Poster Sessions


Now we have a new section on Java Day Istanbul for entrepreneurs!!!

Do you want to present your your idea and evaluate it? Or do you want to find some partners or founders to implement it?

You need to only prepare a poster with the below content and present it on Java Day Istanbul.

To generate input please find the general guidelines for your product posters:

1. What is your target audience? Think about point of view of them and give a message that your poster to achieve.
2. What is the business value of your product? Use a clear self-explaining, strong images and balance text and images for an attractive design
3. Do not use long sentences, ignore details, use bullets, write your text using short, strong formulation.
4. Example doc is A4 but, your poster will be A0 format, please design your poster for this dimentions, use images with high resolution
5. After the approval process, preparation and press process of the poster is on your side.


The deadline for submition is April 8, after this period we will review your input and request for poster creation and poster approvals will be done till April 23.

Poster Sessions Application Form